Heritage Volunteering


Heritage Volunteering for The Arts Society is specifically to preserve our Artistic Heritage in any way possible.  This involves a dedicated Committee Member from your local Society approaching a suitable Host or Hosts – a National Trust property, a museum, an art gallery or privately-owned house that is open to the Public – to see if they need help with conservation work behind the scenes or Room Stewards in contact with the public.  Once a need has been ascertained and volunteers have come forward, an Agreement is drawn up between the Host and The Arts Society which has to be approved by our Head Office in London (TAS House).  Training is always given so you do not have to be an expert yourself.  Advice and support is available at all times locally and TAS House run excellent training sessions throughout the year for Textiles, Parks & Gardens, Arms & Armour and Books and Archives for prospective volunteers who have a particular interest.

 At all of the locations, our volunteers work under the Curators.

 There are two ways to volunteer – on your own direct to a venue – perhaps some of you may be doing just that; or you can volunteer through The Arts Society.  The Advantages of volunteering through The Arts Society are:

 a)     Helping The Arts Society retain its Charitable Status

b)     Maintaining our national heritage

c)     You are covered by the TAS Insurance

 At the moment The Arts Society Steyning do not have any Heritage Volunteering projects in view so YOUR HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!  If you know of any local property that falls into the above categories at which you would like to volunteer, please let your Chairman know.  St Mary’s House, Bramber, already has TAS volunteers, organized by Storrington and Adur Valley Societies.