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11 June 2018Artists and Espionage : The Lawn Road flats NW3
14 May 2018Stamford Raffles: art collector and discoverer of Singapore
09 April 2018Basingstoke and it’s contribution to World Culture: post war, the modern architecture of an English town.
12 March 2018Lover, Teacher, Muse or Rival Couples in Modern British Art
12 February 2018Horace Walpole and the creation of Strawberry Hill
08 January 2018Fakes and forgery: the art of deception
13 November 2017The Christmas story
09 October 2017Cartoonists and modern art
11 September 2017Indians Buffalo and storms
10 July 2017Windsor Castle
12 June 2017Jane Austin's Heroines
08 May 2017St Pancras and Friends
10 April 2017Napolian & Josephine
13 March 2017Renaisance
13 February 2017Romans and Romantics
09 January 2017The Elgin Marbles:

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Artists and Espionage : The Lawn Road flats NW3 DEBORAH LAMBERT Monday 11 June 2018

Modernist Living in Mid 20th Century London.


This is the story of a ground-breaking building,

and of the rich and complex lives of its residents. 


The setting is the Lawn Road Flats, a startling Modernist block in a leafy road in North London.  It offered a new housing concept for young professionals: small serviced flats with a communal restaurant and popular club. 


The cast of characters includes Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, refugees from the Bauhaus in Germany, the sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, writers such as Nicholas Monsarrat and Agatha Christie, intellectuals, civil servants – and a clutch of Soviet agents.