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08 April 2019Masters of the North - Nordic Art
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10 June 2019Pre-Raphaelites
08 July 2019Georgia O'Keeffe
09 September 2019GPO Film Unit
14 October 2019Turbulent Times : Russian History as depicted by 19th Century Painters
11 November 2019The two Gustavs - Mahler and Klimt

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Masters of the North - Nordic Art BRIAN HEALEY Monday 08 April 2019

Dazzled by the impact of Impressionism, it is easy to overlook the stunning achievements of Nordic painters during the 19th century. From the national romanticism of Norway's Adolf Tidermand and Hans Gude, to the mythical landscapes of Finland's Pekka Halonin and the impressionistic, moody interiors of Norway's best known female painter, Harriet Backer, we discover the unique cultural identity, forged in part from a battle against the elements, social deprivation, political power and provincialism.

A senior modern languages teacher for many years, Brian has also enjoyed a successful parallel career since the 1980s as a professional artist and interior designer. Since 2006 he has been regularly appointed to a number of prestigious ocean and river cruise lines, either as resident artist, guest lecturer on art history or as destination speaker for more than forty countries. Most recently this work has successfully extended to art guiding through important towns and museums in France, Belgium, Holland and Spain.